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Location:  Indianapolis area based, corporate office in Columbus, Indiana

Travel Required:  Primarily within Indiana and surrounding states

Position Type:  Permanent Part-time, opportunity for full time with company growth

Income:  Base salary plus % commission of net profit on signed contracts

Date Posted:  March 2017

Role and Responsibilities
1)  Develops/implements an annual sales strategy, consistent with company growth plan and resources.
•Develops superior knowledge of the company’s clinical program, product, and services.
•Opens up new markets/opportunities that will increase the number of clients and income of the company.
•Collects and compares pertinent data on the wellness market from which company can derive recommendations and proposals.
•Recommends/creates sales materials.
•Makes frequent contact with potential clients with goal of making a sale.
•Joins clinical representative during proposal meetings and proposal development to fully integrate sales with program delivery.

2)    Develops relationships with the key players of the wellness and related industries, e.g.        Indiana and local Chamber of Commerce, Wellness Council of Indiana, insurance and brokerage companies.  Joins related conferences and symposiums that will extend the reach of the company and clinical program.
3)    Uses email, social media or other technologies to obtain sales results.
4)    Participates in conventions/events where participants are potential clients.
5)    Consults with managing partners and other staff to fully integrate sales with the program delivery and development.
6)     Reports to managing partners to define sales strategy and describe on-going activities to achieve sales goals.
7)    Participates in budget development/analysis for sales/marketing to new clients and retention of current clients.

Qualifications and Education Requirements
Prefer candidate who has earned a degree in business with minimum of 2 – 5 years sales experience in a health-related field, such as wellness, medical clinics, medical device or pharmaceuticals, or health insurance or an experienced Clinical Program Director
Maintains a demeanor that is conducive to selling within the culture of wellness platforms and has excellent communication skills.
Works self-reliantly within a team framework.

Preferred Skills
Experienced at implementing a sales strategy using not only direct sales but all media for achieving new clients for the company.